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Finding the Joy in My Journey

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Blog by Stephanie [Loves Yoga, Invoke student, Practicing yoga & pilates 18 mos, Freelance Marketer]

I went to last night’s heated yoga class at Invoke Yoga & Pilates Studio taught by Eric Bryant. I love his classes because he has a way of breaking down and dissecting each position and even dissecting the transition to each position. I learn every time he teaches. His calm and continual instruction keeps me mindful and my mind quiet so I can make room for being present – at least for the hour and fifteen minutes before I rejoin the real world.

Eric’s class was all about transition. This really resonated for me. It’s what I have been struggling with the past five years. He shared a personal story about how transition can be uncomfortable and difficult. But it’s necessary. I thought about my life and my almost five years here in Indianapolis, and how life has taken me here and how a continual unsettling and uncomfortable feeling haunts me that I am “in transition”. Break ups, a divorce, moving across the country, new jobs, lost jobs…I feel like I’m in a constant state of flux searching desperately for my destination so I can finally settle in and be comfortable…and just be.

But what if I shift my point of view to believe that the transition is every bit as important as the destination? As Eric said, the transitioning from each pose is every bit as important as the pose itself. Maybe I’m just in a really long transition between poses. Or maybe, life is just a series of transitions with no real destination…because eventually the destination will change, and you’re back again in transition.

Looking at life as yoga, I could find more joy in my journey and embrace my transition between life’s poses.



Author: Love Invoke

Invoke Studio is Indianapolis' urban fitness oasis. We are a community-minded space for people who aspire to fulfill the full potential of both mind and body, offering a full schedule of yoga, Pilates, fitness classes and teacher trainings. This blog is a collection of stories, inspirations, thoughts and teachings written by those that love Invoke Studio and is dedicated to all those that love the practice of a fit body and calm mind.

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