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Maria Romaine’s after-work cycling hobby transformed her life. Now a workout instructor, she uses her passion for fitness to help others do the same. 

Blog by Maria [Workout instructor, sales guru, national fitness ambassador]

It all started with my mentor, Julie, who got me hooked on turbo kick, an intense cardio workout, the summer before my junior year in college. I started teaching turbo kick classes as a college senior. That made me think I had what it takes to become a workout instructor.

After graduating and moving to Indianapolis, I started taking cycling classes at the YMCA at the Athenaeum and was soon recruited to help teach. Instead of going out to dinner or having drinks with friends after work, I couldn’t wait to hit the locker room, suit up, and greet my cycling students. I looked forward to the music-pumping, sweat-dripping intensity of each class – and the satisfied smiles that followed at the end.

The opportunity to teach was a catalyst for conquering my own health and fitness challenges, including losing 20 to 40 extra pounds I had always carried, as well as the platform in which I began my health consultancy/coaching business.  Five years later, I teach up to five cardio classes a week – a combination of turbo kick, cycling and stride – at two workout venues, in addition to working a full-time job in sales at Angie’s List and serving as a brand ambassador for Oakley’s Women.

For me, fitness has become so much more than a hobby or a way to burn calories. It’s a forum for connecting with others and helping them reach their innate potential.

Through teaching, I’ve discovered how much I love motivating people and have found some of my best workouts are when I’m teaching. I’ve also loved forging relationships with those in my class. I’ve become Facebook friends with many students and have developed those connections further by leading 30-day health challenges to help people achieve their health goals.

I use a formula that works – a nutritious diet, rigorous workouts and an online accountability group. And the camaraderie that comes along with it – including the prizes I award for those who fulfill the challenges and pitch-ins I organize among challenge participants – keeps people motivated.

Though my experience teaching, I’ve come to believe it’s my life’s purpose to help people unleash the sincerest form of themselves, and I firmly believe taking care of oneself physically is a great place to start.

It’s taken time, encouragement, support from others, and hard work for me to reach my own fitness potential. I now know I have the power to help others do the same.

For more about Romaine’s fitness endeavors, visit or follow her on Twitter at @MiaLettuce .

Author: Love Invoke

Invoke Studio is Indianapolis' urban fitness oasis. We are a community-minded space for people who aspire to fulfill the full potential of both mind and body, offering a full schedule of yoga, Pilates, fitness classes and teacher trainings. This blog is a collection of stories, inspirations, thoughts and teachings written by those that love Invoke Studio and is dedicated to all those that love the practice of a fit body and calm mind.

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